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  • Are self tests also acceptable? or only quick-test?

Self tests are not permitted, only Quick Tests through the government controlled locations are accepted.    

  • How are appointments for testings made?

Appointments can be made from https://testenvoortoegang.org/

The test is free and the result is available in about 1 hour.

  • How long is a test result valid for?

The result from testenvoortoegang.org is valid for 40 hours. Make sure to get tested shortly before the event to stay as long as you would like.

  • What happens if I have already been vaccinated?

You can get a proof of vaccination if you have been fully vaccinated by the GGD. Proof of vaccination is acceptable at entry only if it is visible through the Corona Check App. More information about getting proof of vaccinations can be found here: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/coronabewijs/coronabewijs-voor-evenementen

For foreigners the fully vaccinated covid-passport is also sufficient.

  • Can I enter the party in a different time slot? Or is entry only possible at the time written on my ticket?

You can only enter during the time-slots noted on your ticket.

  • Is it possible to change/swap the time slot of a ticket after it has been purchased?

No this is not possible.

  • Is re-entry possible?

Re-entry is not possible, once you are out, you will not be able to enter back in.

  • Which tickets count for 2 persons?

Tickets for the Afterhours that were purchased in June 2020 count for 2 people.

Tickets that went on sale within the month of May 2021 count for 1 person.

  • If we have a ticket for 2 persons, do we need to enter together?

Yes you need to enter together. If that is a problem mail us before July 2nd 17:00 at ticket@vault-sessions.com

  • What happens if I loose my ticket? Can it be re-sent to me?

The ticket can be re-sent to your email address. Make sure to contact us via email or DM to get them re-sent. This can be done up to 1 hour before the event!

  • Can I buy tickets at the door?

Doorsale tickets are not available at the moment due to Covid-19 measures. Tickets can only be purchased online.

02JUL2021 23:00 - END
23:00-01:30 Lobster

01:30-03:30 VSC
03:30-06:00 Mayeul
06:00-END Grace Dahl

01:00-03:00 Paul Laurens
03:00-05:30 Flits

03JUL2021 SAT 23:00 - MON 01:00
23:00-02:00 VSC
02:00-05:00 Mayeul
05:00-08:00 Stef Mendesidis
08:00-11:30 TAFKAMP
11:30-15:00 Ici Sans Merci
15:00-19:00 D.Dan
19:00-23:00 Stef Mendesidis